Brand Activation

Here is where Brand Activation comes in. Brand activation is how you raise the awareness of your brand and engage your target audience.
Brand activation is essentially raising your brand from the dead and bringing it alive.

It can be applied to any brand whether it is a newborn brand or a mature one. Even mature brands need to keep reminding their target audience about their new offerings or existing product upgrades. Since public memory is short-lived, it needs frequent jogging.

While brand marketing covers the entire process of promoting your brand on a regular basis,
brand activation is what makes your brand stand out in a crowd and be noticed. It is that x-factor
which lights a spark in the minds of the target group and triggers brand recall.

Several methods can be used to activate the brand and lodge it in the minds of the audience.

Brand Activation inside the store

You can create a promotional event for your brand inside your store where customers can drop in and have a live experience.This works really great with young audiences

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Wrap it Up

With digital marketing, today’s brands have multiple options to accelerate their brand activation by putting all the digital tools into action. Announcing the campaign

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Experiential marketing

When you experience something, it stays in your mind longer. An experiential campaign can surprise or shock the audience and this will help to retain the brand name in their mind.

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Another alternative is to distribute samples of your product and give your target audience the opportunity to try out your products. It is a great way to start a conversation around your brand.

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