Want to advertise your brand in cinemas?

The cinema has always been an excellent medium for advertising and promotion and continues to be so in the digital era.

Cinema As Medium of Advertising

The rates of cinema advertising in India are quite reasonable and it is only in the last couple of decades that this medium has become a preferred choice for advertisers. The cinema is a popular platform for advertising and brand promotion both for established brands and newbies. There are several popular multiplex chains like PVR cinema, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, Wave Cinema and more.

Single-screen theatres are the most used platform in rural areas. The rates of cinema advertising usually depend on the location of the theatre, audience seating capacity and the brand. Brand promotion techniques can include on-screen videos, slides before the show and branding in the cinema complex.

Commercial Rates Basis

The rates for advertising in Cinema Halls are a function of the type of screen, seating capacity, location and the brand of cinema. The rate will also depend on the mode of advertising used and the time duration in the case of video ads. You can get a good deal by checking with us.

The rate card provides the weekly rates for advertising which includes having the ad aired before every show. You can book for a month based on these rates and block your slot.

Advertising Options

Brand Promotion in Cinema involves both on-screen advertising and off-screen promotion. The advertising rates remain the same whether they are aired before the movie or during the break.

Salient Features Of Cinema Advertising

Campaign Activity Plan & Formats Used In Cinema
Cinema advertising usually starts on a Friday except in rare events when it may start on any other day.

J2K Format
Brands need to submit their ads in mov and jpeg formats after which they are converted to cinema ad formats that is the J2K format, at a cost. The resolution of the image should be 300 dpi or more while the size should be 2048 x 858 pixels.

Inspection Passes
Brands can confirm whether the ad has been played or not by using inspection passes. In the case of off-screen advertising, pictures are taken as proof of execution.

Censor Certification
Brands will be required to provide a censor certificate along with the ads. Advertising agencies can provide you with the same at a cost.

Cinema Monitoring Logs
Cinema companies issue ad running or display logs certifying the execution of the ad plan which acts as the telecast certification for the ad campaigns.

Benefits of Advertising in Cinema

  • Cinema advertising is very effective as it leaves a powerful impact on the audience.
  • Cinema viewers provide a captive audience which helps in increasing the viewership of the ad.
  • Cinema advertising provides a wide pan-India reach.
  • Theatre advertising is cheaper compared to other advertising options.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your ads are played for a week from 3-5 times daily.
  • Rates vary depending on normal shows or blockbusters. Blockbuster movie ad rates can be 2x or 3x of normal rates. The number of committed spots might reduce during blockbuster movies.
  • Regular campaigns would start on Friday for which bookings need to be completed by Wednesday.
  • Additional charges would be incurred for obtaining a censor certificate.
  • Other charges would include conversion charges for changing ads to cinema format.
  • You can confirm that the ad is played by using inspection pass.
  • Ads are played once during every show either before the show or during the interval.
  • The Jpeg images would need to be provided in 300 dpi resolution while slides should be of 2048 x 858 pixels. Video ads would need to be in MOV or MP4.

Tie Ups With Best Cinemas

Premier Advertising has tie-ups with the best cinemas across the country both in large cities and small towns. We provide competitive rates so that you can advertise your brand anywhere in the country.
At Premier Advertising, our team of experts will help you to design the best cinema ad campaigns for your brand and help your brand with maximum visibility across the country for your target audience.

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The cinema has always been an excellent medium for advertising and promotion and continues to be so in the digital era.