Unipole Advertising – Let your Brand Fly High

Ad poles or Unipoles as they are called are an excellent method to improve the visibility of your brand. It is one of the best modes of outdoor advertising.

Unipole Advertising

Unipoles are called so because they have a gigantic sign on top of a single pole that gives them sufficient visibility from a distance. This is a very effective mode of outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is unobtrusive as it forms part of the landscape and doesn’t interrupt the viewer’s attention.

They are very popular at entrances to new cities, giving commuters an idea about the location of a business and are a common sight on road trips.

Technological advances have improved the quality of advertising displays and include illumination options. These displays can be front-lit or back-lit for maximum impact at night

Unipole Advertising

Given the short span of viewer attention, it is important to deliver an impactful and concise message that grabs eyeballs from a distance. Those who travel on the same route daily tend to retain these images in their mind longer.

Why Unipole Advertising?

Unipole Advertising is a very cost-effective medium as it remains visible 24/7

It captures the attention of anyone who uses the route either casually or as part of their daily commute

The message remains etched in the working memory of people and enables quick brand recall when they see it next on a shopping trip

Benefits of Advertising in Cinema

  • Provides great brand recognition because of its dimensions and easy visibility.
  • A cost-effective medium as it is visible around the clock.
  • Makes it easy to physically locate a business from a distance
  • A great location can give significant benefits to the brand.
  • Eco-friendly with minimum environmental impact.
  • Flexible campaign duration
  • Quick turnaround time for tactical campaigns

Delhi, the National Capital of India stands majestically on the banks of the Yamuna river. Apart from being the political nerve centre of the country,
it is also the most important commercial and corporate hub for
North India
There are several important roads and intersections in Delhi and strategically placed Unipoles help brands capture millions of eyeballs
on a daily basis.
The total number of motor vehicles on Delhi roads as on March 31, 2021, was 122.53 lakh.

The per capita income of Delhi in 2022 is three times higher than the national average
Strategically placed Unipoles across the city offer high visibility and brand awareness.
Premier Advertising owns exclusive media rights for selected cluster of unipoles in central delhi and has network media rights for
unipole, Footover Bridge, Transit and Various Utility outdoor advertising options.


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