Great Medium for Brand Communication

Bus Queue Shelters form a unique medium for brand promotion to a captive audience. Though the time spent may be limited.

The number of footfalls and the impact during the short period spent is high. It is so difficult to miss the ad if you are waiting at the Bus Queue Shelter.

Bus Que Shelter

Brands can opt for backlit or non-illuminated ads according to their wallet and requirements. You can check out the points on why you should consider choosing Bus Que Shelter advertising so that you can derive the best value for your money

Why Bus Queue Shelter?

  • High visibility
  • High frequency of views as people keep moving
  • Targeted coverage as people at the shelter can’t miss the display
  • Cost-effective method of advertising
  • Offers a lot of flexibility
  • Perfect for momentum/trending campaigns

Advantages of Bus Queue Shelter Promotion

  • Brands get a presence on every busy street which offers high impact promotion
  • Unlimited creativity potential
  • The displays are visible 24/7
  • Strategic locations near shopping malls can offer immediate lead conversion
  • Has a wide reach and repeat viewing for regular commuters
  • Excellent scope for trending campaigns

Bus Queue Shelters offer great
reach to

  • Primary school children and their parents,
  • High school and college-going students
  • Working professionals,
  • Tourists
  • Upper class customers with high disposable income

Delhi Bus Que Shelters

Delhi, India’s capital city is a power centre for politics but over the years has grown intoa corporate and commercial hub as well.

The bus queue shelters across the city landscape are an impactful advertising channel that brands can use for their benefit.

At Premier Advertising, our team of experts will help you to design the best bus que shelter advertisement campaigns spread
across the city through star localities for your brand and help your brand with maximum visibility in New Delhi
for your target audience.
Since these are located close to heavy-traffic roads, they are bound to capture attention
and provide brands with a great promotional platform.

Delhi Bus Que Shelters

  • No. of bus shelters14
  • High-end Audience42
  • Backlit units/shelter-74

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